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Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

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Career Highlights With

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Product Scope - Web Services - ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar
  • Implemented Agile Methodology with Scrum Framework as Software Development Life Cycle With 2 Weeks of Sprint Cycles and Coordinated Well with Team Members, Lead, Project Manager.

  • Used C# As a Programming Language and Visual Studios as IDE For Automating the Test Suite with Selenium Web Driver.

  • Involved In Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Retesting, Ad-Hoc Testing, Functional and Non-Functional Testing.

  • Elicited Requirements from Business to Determine Functional Specifications Leading to Concrete Implementation Requirements.

  • Designed And Developed Data Driven Framework Using Net, C# And NUnit.

  • Performed Keyword-Driven and Data-Driven Frameworks Using Excel and CSS Selectors as A Part of The Framework.

  • Performed Data-Driven Testing by Passing Multiple Sets of Data by Using the Excel Data Reader as A Plug-In.

  • Selenium Automation Uses the Page Object Model (Pom) Repository Design Pattern for Storing All the Web Elements for Code Maintainability and Re-Usability.

  • Performed Manual and Automated End-To-End Testing

  • I Worked on Different Kinds of Web Element Locators Like Id, Name, CSS Selector, And XPath For Identifying the Fields.

  • The Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) Document Was Used to Determine Whether All the Proposed Test Cases Were Covered by The SRS Document.

  • Performed NUnit Testing to Run All the Test Cases.

  • Performed Selenium Automation Using the Selenium Web Driver.

  • Performed Integration and Regression Tests to Check the Compatibility of New Functionality with The Existing Functionalities of The Application.

  • Selenium APIs Such as Take Screen Shot for Capturing Failed Test Cases, Select for Selecting Multiple Values from A List, Action for Various Key and Mouse Events, And by With Various Locators (XPath, CSS, Id, Link Text) Were Frequently Used.

  • Used jQuery, Ajax Toolkit Controls and CSS to Enhance the Performance and Richness of The User Interface.

  • API Testing for Rest & Web-Based Using Postman.

  • Participant In the Unit testing the Code and Providing Feedback to The Developers.

  • I Worked on Angular JS with Its Directives Like Ng-App, Ng-Model, Ng-Controller, Ng-Repeat, Ng-Hide, Ng-Show, Filters, Etc. In A Different Project by Supporting the Team in Developing the Application. Schedule Jobs Via Team City (Continuous Delivery) And Continuous Integration for Automating the Build and Deploy Processes, Allowing A Significant Increase in Test Automation. Monitoring The Jobs Scheduled for Today.

  • I Performed the Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing of The Web Application Using the Browser Stack.

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Roles and Responsibilities

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