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Genie De Banca

Bank’s Future is Here

Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

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Career Highlights With

Product Scope - oracle Banking Digital Experience (OBDX) and Oracle FLEXCUBE
  • Developed and Managed the Test Automation Framework for The OBDX Banking Project.

  • Giving Guidance on The Most Effective Test Design Methodologies to Employ in Each Situation.

  • Giving Technical Testing Guidance, Such as Performance and Security Testing.

  • Designing And Developed Methods for The Creation of Test Data

  • Determine Which Tools and Technologies Can Be Used, In Line with Whatever Is in Use Throughout the Larger Development Function and In Accordance with The Team's Skill Set.

  • Design And Create the Test Automation Framework, Harnesses, And Code Libraries So That the Team May Utilize and Improve Them Across Projects.

  • Provide Technical Expertise, Documentation, And Training for Testing and Other Business Operations.

  • Stay up to speed on process, practice, and technology developments to ensure they are brought in-house and enhance the solutions applied to the testing problems.

  • Collaborate With the Line of Business and The Automation PMO To Identify and Define Technical Requirements, Along with Design, Development, Test, And Implement New Automated Solutions.

  • Design And Build Innovative Automated Solutions That Optimize the Way We Work and Deliver to Client in Collaboration with The Existing Team of Architects.

  • Manages The Implementation of Cost-Effective and Perhaps "Industry Best Practice" Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions While Retaining Strong Quality Control Standards.

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Roles and Responsibilities

Work For the Client

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