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Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

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Career Highlights With

Augusta Hitech

  • Working on Agile Methodologies (Scrum) by following regular Sprint cycles with active involvement in all

  • sprint meetings with testers, developers, scrum master and product owner.

  • Responsible for going through the User Stories and creating Test Cases based on the mock up’s provided in

  • User Stories

  • Involved in documenting the Test Plan, Test Cases, Traceability Matrix and defect reports.

  • Creating test scripts using Java and Selenium Web Driver for the functional test cases.

  • Designed and developed BDD/TDD/ATDD framework by using the SpecFlow(Cucumber Specification) and

  • added Scenarios in features files, Step Definitions.

  • Written various Features, Scenarios, and Scenario Outline with Examples, Scope Bindings, Dynamic Tables and

  • Hooks in Gherkin language for developing BDD framework.

  • Developed Automation scripts in Microsoft Eclipse and used testNg framework.

  • Web Driver in Java and performing unit testing by using TestNG and generated reports.

  • Used JIRA as Project management and Bug tracking tool.

  • Performed Data Driven Testing (DDT) using Scenario outline and Examples.

  • Implemented logic to read data from the Excel to achieve functional testing with different data

  • Performed mouse actions using Selenium Actions API. Implemented web element locators using Selenium Web

  • Driver - By ID, Class, Name, CSS Selector, Xpath and Link.

  • Documented all the scenarios of the test cases.

  • Automated Hybrid Mobile app by using Appium and Selenium.

  • Updating the test plan document for every Sprint meeting

  • Used TFS (Team Foundation Server) as a version control tool.

  • Write and execute codes in appium using dependencies in eclipse for native application testing

  • Tested both in real devices (IOS and Android) and in emulator and simulator

  • Test the millstone modules in jmeter for performance issues.

  • Tested in Mac OS using selenium code and execute codes in terminals

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Roles and Responsibilities

Work For the Client

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